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WordPress Plugins to optimize your Blog

Resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, or just everyday work:

  • Be Brave – Break Your Blog – The best thing about designing on the internet is that nothing is ever quite finished. You can spend weeks building a fantastic design, but long after you release it, you can keep on making changes. The internet gives us the ability to continually impr
  • WordPress Plugins -Image fit proportionally resizes images to fit your blog template – WP-Imagefit gets images in blog posts to fit inside the columns that contain them.
  • WordPress Advanced Search – Advanced Search provides advanced search options to fine tune the search, providing a much more effective search method – MySQL?s fulltext search. Licensed under the GNU GPL, it’s free software that can be either used as a full-blown form on a dedicated

3 Replies

  1. Hi Sante,

    Thanks for the plug in link. We’re in the process of launching a blog and this post has been more than useful !

    Thanks, Dave

  2. Hi Dave,
    you’re very welcome – all the best for the new year

  3. dg

    Thanks for the plug-ins, greatly benefited. I look forward to the new plug-ins;)