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WordPress plugins and resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, or just everyday work from Sante:

  • SEO Siloing WordPress Plugin – The plugin’s primary purpose (so far) is to create category landing pages, which are static pages with links to all the postings in a given category. You can, however, use it to create pages with lists of posts in any category. You can even use the plugin
  • CMS-Like Admin Menu | Reciprocity – Want to run a simple website using WordPress Pages as a CMS, but don?t want (or need) the Post functionality? Want to do the same thing, but have Posts secondary to pages? This is the plugin for you. This plugin rewrites the Admin menu links for Write a
  • WordPress plugin to increase StumbleUpon & Digg Traffic | Start Blogging – checks the refer (what page the visitor is coming from) and if it matches either or then it will simply welcome the user and ask them to give you a positive vote if they like the page.

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  1. Very usfull link. I have to think more about that.Thanks

  2. Nice plugins, i have 1st one.

  3. My business partner and I were JUST wishing for a plugin like this last one! Very great, serendipitous timing.

    Great blog, I have subscribed.

    All the best,

  4. Good applications for all the webmasters,Thanks!

  5. I just get a new hosting provider, My site it’s done. With these plugins it will rock!!!

  6. seolearner

    Nice information. thanks
    I’ll use CMS-Like Admin Menu

  7. SEO Siloing WordPress Plugin is great addon for WordPress. I use it and like it and if you use it wisely you can increase your chance for better position on SE and more visitors.

  8. andy

    hey there great informational site got some good links on here thanks

  9. really useful. I took the last one!

  10. Useful set of plugins that you’ve listed here. In fact, with all its plugins, WordPress is becoming far more than just a blogging platform. Look forward to exploring it fully one day. Would be great if you could do a post (or a series of posts) listing all the plugins you think would be of interest.

  11. paul

    May be the #1 reason to use wordpress is, It has too good plug-ins. We almost have all type of plug-ins and extensions which make it possible to convert an ordinary domain name to a full revenue earning blog.

  12. SEO Zombie

    I really like the sound of the SEO Siloing plugin. Nice list overall, but I had never heard of the SEO Siloing plugin before.

  13. Great list of plugins. Shall definitely be checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Do all of them work with WordPress 2.6 as well? I think the last one (which is about DIGG and Stumbleupon) is the best and surely I shall be giving it a try.

  15. not sure about that – you’ll have to give them a try 🙂

  16. Can we customize our wordpress blog just like Pligg or Digg? I have seen some blogs and I think there is some theme which can do so. If you know about that, will you tell me the secret?

  17. I would gladly share the secret with you about doing such a thing. The fact of the matter is that if you are looking at building a big site with a complex structure, I wouldn’t use WordPress as a CMS – it’s a great blogging platform with an enormous community of users cranking out plugins and additional funcionalities day after day, but i you are looking at building an Ecommerce or a portal, I’d shy away from WordPress and consider the many CMS systems out ther, try them out and then dcide which one best fits your needs before doing anything

  18. Speeding Ticket

    All In One SEO Pack for WordPress. If you dont use it you are working harder, not smarter.

  19. Web Template Fiend

    @Sante J Achille, for sure if you need e-commerce, WP isn’t dedicated to those services – better you try osCommerce or ZenCart or one of the other templates dedicated to e-commerce.

  20. ontario

    Excellent tool for any wordpress user. Gives a great seo boost to your site. Highly recommended.