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New WordPress Plugins for your WordPress Blog from Sante

Resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, or just everyday work from Sante – May 30th:

  • TypePad AntiSpam Launches – Typepad AntiSpam – Six Apart announced another option for bloggers looking to stem the tide of comment spam – TypePad AntiSpam. It?s free (Akismet costs for a commercial license, it has plugins for MovableType and WordPress, it?s open source, and it
  • Better Tags Manager WordPress Plugin Release – Better Tags Manager (BTM) was created out of my own needs to completely do away with categories and move to tags. The problem arose when, converting categories to tags leaves posts hanging in between with no tags.
  • WordPress Plugin: WordPress-Twitterpitch – WP-TwitterPitch is all about getting the pitch delivered to you in the form you want to get it delivered – in other words in Twitter format.

6 Replies

  1. Myfinancebutler

    The Better Tags Manager seems like an awesome plug-in — I never did see the point of categories – apart from organizing your posts and making it easier for readers to find specific blog posts. Tags have SEO and Social Media significance though. I’ve garnered 50 backlinks for my blog from tags alone.

  2. I have never used the software like better tags manager, so my blog now have not gained any backlinks, could you tell me how to improve it ?Thank you.

  3. Greetings to you Stephan Xiao, thank you for visiting my blog. Tagging will help you in your efforts and will especially help your users navigate your blog as it grows in size with more and more content. As you will see with time backlinks will come from people visiting your blog and pointing to useful resources you will provide – it takes time, but your are very patient in China as I have learned. I know a Chinese proverb that can be very useful to you as a new blogger – it says:

    “Don’t be worried about moving slowly, be worried about standing still” – is that correct ?



  4. I am very happy you put an anti spam plug in here for me. I have been getting killed lately with one certain post I did on a technorati fave me train and everyday I get about thirty spammers leaving comments on it. Time to add the plug in. thanks

  5. Safety Protection Technology

    Perhaps Typepad Antispam will be the perfect alternative for my current spam blocker i.e Akismet. I surly shall give it a try.

  6. Life Coach

    The Tags Manager seems like a plugin I’d want to try out — i really don’t see the need for categories, but tags have very good SEO benefits.