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Implement PDF printing of your WordPress Posts

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8 Replies

  1. quick question… why do i need to make my WordPress contents to PDF file?

  2. Many times I’d like to save an article or post from a blog for future reference and saving it in HTML isn’t so easy and manageable so if you give the user the opportunity to print to PDF he can then opt to save it on his hard drive 😉

  3. Yes, good plugin. Now user can have a off-line copy of your post.

  4. That’s a good idea! Thanks for posting it. PDF is a good option to have.

  5. Affordable Printing Services

    That is an awesome idea. Thanks a lot for the post. I always was thinking that PDF is always a good option to have.

  6. jonathan

    I don’t see much use for printing a post in pdf. Wouldn’t regular printing uffice? Especially since the rendering could be different across different browsers.

  7. @DavidYin,
    Hi,would you please to tell me the plugin name?


  8. Unique Articles

    I guess it might be handy for visitors of the blog to quickly save a post as a PDF for easy storing and printing.

    Is this what the idea would be behind it?