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  • New WordPress Plugin For Podcasters – Podcasting News
    Podcast Channels is a new WordPress plugin designed to fill in some of the gaps in WordPress’s native podcasting support
  • blog.txt ·
    Blog.txt is a theme for WordPress designed to impact your content in the most minimal way: using whitespace as a …
  • Contact Commenters WordPress Plugin Released! –
    plugin that provides you a simple interface from your WordPress Admin Panel Manage tab through which you can search and filter top commenters, send personalized Emails, send quick Emails to contacts, reminds you of your last 10 commenters blog urls which you should be visiting and commenting as well …

    * Search and filter for your top commenters, new commenters, those who have been inactive for the past few days, commenters of a particular post, commenters during a date range etc
    * Send personalized emails (no auto responders) to selected commenters either in BCC mode or as individual mails
    * Send quick mails to your contacts not just commenters (e.g. send greetings, inform them about your new services, blog contests etc)
    * Reminds you of your last 10 commenters’ blog URLs, which probably you should be visiting and commenting as well

2 Replies

  1. If you have not tried the contact commenter plugin yet I recommend it, I was playing around with it the other day and its a really great tool, too bad I don’t have enough comments to actually need it haha.

  2. I can see where being able to quickly E-mail commentators could be useful. Especially if they have something to add to a post which is of value and should be expanded on.