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Why I wouldn’t use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress open source Blogging Platform

I am a WordPress fan, my blog is WordPress and I’m quite happy with it. I’m following with interest the rising conversation online on how to use WordPress as a CMS and would like to share my point of view that is not in line with Stephan Spencer. I wouldn’t use WordPress (or any other blogging platform) as a CMS, here’s why:

  • Most open Source Content Management Systems allow the end user to interact and update content with little difficulty. We have been successfully using Joomla! with our Clients.
  • Open Source Content Management Systems allow URL re-writes making them Search Engine Friendly. Categories and sections allow users to create keyword rich as well as user friendly URLs. The technology alone will not make a significant difference in web site performance – it’s the keyword rich content and happy users;
  • Like all software, development takes into account specific requirements with a focus on needs and habits that are typical of bloggers: The implementation of new functionalities often requires considerable software development;
  • As the website evolves there is a growing need for personalization that could significantly alter the structure of the software: At that point the platform could become incompatible with plug ins, updates, or security patches;

In a nutshell, blog using WordPress (or the equivalent), manage your content with a reliable CMS. As software, underlying technology, and needs evolve you are in a position to update your systems with minimal disruption. Let me give you an example. We recently set up a CMS for customer. It was an Ecommerce site. They requested a modification on how VAT was to be applied in the purchasing process. This modification was possible but very far reaching as it had repercussions throughout the system and was very far reaching, to the extent that we warned the Client of possible incompatibilities with future releases of the software or additional modules of the CMS they may one day require to further expand their online business. Like I mentioned earlier, the compatibility issue is not to be underestimated. Open source is great because there is a wealth of modules and add ons to share within the community of users. Radical modifications can transform your system from open to isolated …

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  1. I’d have to agree that it’s not the best choice for a CMS. Here’s a good article to help people choose:

  2. I wouldnt use WordPress as a CMS because I use Joomla

  3. Free Joomla Templates

    Joomla has been widely used by many people so you’ll be pretty sure that it is a proven CMS. WordPress is a good CMS make no mistake about that but Joomla is far more better.

  4. Web Designer

    It also depends very much on the size of the business looking for a site, I have found that WP does make an excellent microsite tool for micro self management.

  5. wordpress is the best.

  6. @ free Joomla Templates
    Mate, WordPress is probably the best code ever written for CMS purposes. Superb indexing… Google Just loves that system. If Google Loves it then its the BEST.

  7. I’m a WP fan too, but you highlight some legit concerns. Does this mean there’s an opening in the market for a best of both worlds solution? Or some kind of mash-up?

  8. Wordpress テーマ

    WordPress out of the box is not that great as a CMS of course. For that Joomla may be the way to go, but with premium themes and designs specifically for CMS usage WordPress has some great solutions. Guess a lot of it depends on whether or not you can get the layout and functions you need.

  9. web developer

    WordPress is simple and good CMS system. But I would like to ask that why Joomla is a award winning CMS technology?

  10. Alinaalmond

    Thanks for sharing….. 🙂