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About Sante

I enjoy reading up on people, where they come from helps me understand where they may be heading, and this is applicable to myself as well so here’s some information about me and my family.

I have an engineering degree and worked as an aerospace design engineer for 4 years in Industry at the very beginning of my career when I first left university.

I changed a number of jobs before joining the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands. That’s where I discovered the web in 1993 and could see how the wired world and the web would change our lives.

In 1994 I left ESA to start all over again with my own (new) Company entirely devoted to the web and have been doing this ever since.

Search Engines have always been a focal point of my attention: you can’t hide or talk your way out of a commitment with a Client – you’re there or you’re not (on the search engines I mean) and that’s a constant challenge that keeps me going and I thrive on these emotions.

Today I work with a number of Clients in different areas, and different sizes. My main focus is SEO organic placement but I have considerable experience and good track record also on managing small to medium sized Pay Per Click campaigns which are now managed in conjunction with my son Alex. Together we provide a full range of SEO, Search Advertising and Social Media services in Italian and English.

Download my CV with detailed information should you wish to know more about my professional experience.

When I’m not working I enjoy physical activity. Running is my thing.