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Back to Space after 21 years … with Majestic!

Majestic has announced a 3D Print of the Internet on International Space Station (ISS). Big data becomes “Art” in a zero gravity environment for the first time in history. It was a very moving moment when I realized how the circle of my professional career was closing around me after 21 years and I was going


RIMC 2016 Photos

A few photos from RIMC (Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference 2016)

SMX London 2015, My Presentation on Schema

SMX London 2015 was a great conference! It was a pleasure to be back and speak before so many people about Schemas and how to use Already during the first day there was a considerable amount of talk about using Schema for SEO, I anticipated curiosity and expectations from our panel … Here is


Schema & Semantic Markup: Presentation at RIMC 2015

The presentation I gave today in Iceland at RIMC 2015 Contact me for a consultation and learn how you can implement schema. In this presentation I spoke to the audience about structured Data, what it means and how it can be implemented on a website by preparing schemas using The objective is to transform


SMX Milano 2013 » Attività di Web Marketing in Azienda o Affidarle all’Esterno?

Sante J. Achille > SMX 2013 > Presentation > In House or Outsourcing SEO and Web Marketing ? from Sante J. Achille In-House, Outsource or Both? La Mia Presentazione all’SMX di Milano Ho avuto l’onore ed il piacere di presentare e moderare all’SMX 2013 di Milano. Evento ben organizzato da Business International che ha curato