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2006-11-02 15:45:00 PM – Doing Business on the Internet


Doing business on the internet is turing out to be a very interesting panel where the discussion is focused on the trust issue that in turn will impact the brand reputation.

The message that comes out of this panel is to build a materiale image for your business:

  • Does your business have a contact page where you place an address and telephone number ?
  • Do you have photos of employees on your web site ?

Small and simple things that can give a user the perception that you are a real company and will deliver what is promised. It’s a trust issue.

Another interesting piece of information passed on to participants was that organic click thru on top 10 placement is on average a 2%, PPC has a 1% click thru BUT when the 2 are combined, (i.e. a web site achieves both organic and paid placement) then click thru reaches 6% – quite interesting and makes a strong case to balance paid and organic placement to achieve the best results.