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B[R]IC – Some facts on Travelers from Brasil India China

BTO speakers provided some interesting statistics, insights, and facts on travelers from the BRIC countries

Briasile [Russia] India Cina

Russia is in square brackets because russians are not new to Italy, whereas the BICs are a growing niche with great potential in terms of expenditure and numbers (of travelers).

Brasil India and China are the tourists of tomorrow – There should be no doubt about this: with double digit growth in their outbound tourism any country with a touistic vocation cannot ignore these new and different visitors – here are a few facts and figures:

  • These emerging countries have growing incomes and longer holidays
  • Their average age is 35/36 compared to the rest of the world (around 41)
  • Travel is related to both leisure and work
  • Brazilians prefer all inclusive travel deals (which includes the hotel), they travel in group and enjoy each others company – they travel together also because of language problems (feel more at ease in a group) – travel is also related to studying abroad (US and Europe)
  • In 2010 there were an estimated 600.000 Brazilians who traveled to Italy – the typical South American Tourist from Brazil
  • India has an 8.5% Internet penetration which translates into approximately 100 million users
  • Most of these are mobile internet users
  • They seek last minute deals and are “great spenders” but at the same token are very careful spenders
  • Many Indians are vegeterians.
  • A late dinner (around 9:00 PM is quite common)
  • China has progressively relaxed travel restrictions although there is still a considerable amount of “red tape” in issuing travel visas
  • il 2010 nearly 1 million chinese travelled to Italy – many on business
  • Chinese know very little about Italy and travel to the most famous locations (Rome, Florence and Venice)
  • Trips are normally very short and it is not uncommon for them to have photos taken outside famous museums and locations and move on without actually visiting them due to lack of time
  • Food is an issue as Chinese are fond of their food and traditions and Chinese restaurants in italy are not very good quality
  • Chinese do not drink cold water or milk in the morning at breakfast – it must be warm (yes they love warm water …)