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BTO – Buy Tourism Online opens today in Florence


Today and tomorrow I am in FLorence and will be covering Buy Tourism Online – a 2 day event dedicated to the online world of travel and recreation.

The central theme is tourism 2.0, the phenomenon that is radically changing the dynamics of supply and demand in the entire range of tourist accommodation. I am really looking forward to this event, the first of this kind that I follow. I have been invited to blog live in English so my you, my English reader, will be finally getting some long deserved attention (I know I know there hasn’t been much blogging in English over the past few months but I promise I’ll make it up to you).

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There will be a mix of blogging and tweets.

The hashtag for this event is

Buy Tourism Online hashtag:                #btoeng

Have any questions you’d like to shoot during the event ? speakers will be taking questions live from all over the world. I’m telling you this is gonna be a super event – don’t miss it !