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#btoeng Panel: Reviews analysis through different models

Panel: Reviews analysis through different models


Robert Frua – Tripadisor


It’s about a travel experience and the situation when you travel – lots of content = critical mass

Inspire a perfect holiday

Inform via the sharing of information and experiences

Influence decisions

Tripadvisor reach in Europe: 11.2 million users per month (uniques)

Trip advisor is the worlds largest travel community

Italy: 1.3 million users per month a strong presence

Germany: 1.2 million

France 1.4 million

Spain 1.5 million

13 reviews every minute on trip advisor

800.000 hotels 60.00 travel destinations

Social Media and UGC is central to the whole marketing strategy

The owner center – to analyze reviews and respond to situations & access other properties on the system

The new evolution of Markets: Now considered as networks – all about communications.


Rob Paladino – OYSTER HOTEL REVIEWS a different way of reviewing hotels and properties with reporters under cover visiting hotels and evaluating them. There is an intent to allow comments through facebook connect


ZOOVER – Dutch Site Very short intro


Trust – need to build trust

the Tripadvisor way with reviews – is it the right way ?

TA: trust is the main issue people trust what they read, people read about 3 pages of reviews — don’t be scared of the negative reviews, the “truth” is there (I have some doubts about that …)

Brands are building communities so people can talk about their brand.

There is a general consensus that hotels should be heading back to basics.

  • keep people happy
  • listen to what they have to say
  • solve their problems
  • send them home happy
  • don’t worry about the review online, think about their conversations with friends and relatives – you want them to talk about the great experience they had at your hotel
  • be trustful and respectful
  • online business is very important and will increase it’s importance – online is getting bigger and bigger not only reality but also the future (keep an eye on mobile growing fast)

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