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Buy Tourism Online Opens in Florence Tomorrow December 1st

Buy Tourisn Online - Florence 2011

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had the time and opportunity to sit and enjoy a conversation online here at my Blog: a lot happening here with very little time on my hands and lots of work … and when you shy away from your blog it gets harder and harder to break the ice and get back in touch with people online.

I deal with a significant amount of travel related websites, hence BTO is an event I cannot miss and it will be my pleasure to keep you informed on events, news, trends and emotions which will transpire from the speakers and the audience.

Tomorrow (December 1 st and Friday I will be reporting live from the BTO (I thank Robert Piattelli of the BTO Organization for extending the invitation again this year to cover the event for the international community).

With so much happening in the online arena, I’m sure tis is going to be a very interesting event – stay tuned !!

Buy Tourism Online Live from Florence Italy Tomorrow December 1st

Hashtag: #bto2011