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GT Conference Converage – Florence Italy

Today and tomorrow I will be attending the GT conference in Florence.

GT stands for Giorgio Tavertini – this is the second edition of the Convegno GT – tomorrow I will give a presentation on WordPress and give a few SEO tips that I’ll publish here on mu blog as well 🙂

GT Forum is the biggest SEO reality in Italy counting 23,000 active users and thousands of messages every day.

I am a GT moderator and enjoy the contact with the users.

The presentations so far this morning covered Urban Blogging – the project is . The objective is to create local blogs providing information on local events and every day life including information of public utility. The Blog moderator is the Major.  The project has been launched 20 days ago.

There has been interesting talk about Google Smart Price and how to reduce those low proced 1 cent clicks, increasing your blog (or website revenue)

Last presentation of the first part of the day was given on EBay and the Ebay Ecommerce Platform.

The GT Conferences attendees are more of an advanced crowd so there should be plenty of interesting info coming from speakers and audience.