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Internet Marketing Conference & Expo – Reykjavik Iceland

reykjavik iceland - internet marketing confernce November 2006

Today I’m leaving for Iceland, to attend the Internet Marketing Conference where I’ll be giving a presentation on web 2.0 and the interaction with traditional (organic) search.

My session will be moderated by Chris Sherman I look forward to meeting once again. I’m a bit frightened about the climate, Kristjan from Nordic eMarketing warned us “there are no tropical beaches up here …”

I’ll be putting my presentation online on (in the documents section) some time during the next few days or early next week. It all depends on how events unfold.

I count on blogging from the conference to bring you updated news – it’s a real challenge to blog bilingual – it’s double the work, and then I’ll also be posting on multilingual-search where I am a regional editor so it’s going to be a very busy conference.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated 🙂