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Schema & Semantic Markup: Presentation at RIMC 2015

The presentation I gave today in Iceland at RIMC 2015

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In this presentation I spoke to the audience about structured Data, what it means and how it can be implemented on a website by preparing schemas using

The objective is to transform our website from a web of data and documents into one of Information and Entities.

The journey begins be understanding the difference between data and information: data is unorganized, information is derived from data by interpretation and understanding: The differentials in temperature can be used to derive insights on global warming.

Information is used to reduce uncertainty and equivocality within organizations: this is also the need of the search engines when they crawl a site. At the origin, (almost) every website is created with a database offering structure. If we query a database we can extract information. But when a web page is created, the structure provided by the search engines is lost and the information, in the eyes of the search engines becomes data. And this is because of the limited understanding the search engines have of our content – a web page amongst billions of other web pages: it is a challenge to understand and they need to reduce uncertainty and equivocality to focus on the exact meaning of the content and offer it to the user on the SERPs.

This is where Schemas are very important and in this presentation I illustrated how I use schema to implement that structure the search engines are seeking to understand exactly what a page (and ultimately the entire website) is about…

Learn ore about Schema and how to use – hire me for a consultation and I’ll bring help you and your organization create an optimized schema model, and assist you in the implementation with your technical staff. I can make this happen in a few weeks as opposed to months, with a certain outcome.

Contact me for a consultation and learn how you can implement schema.