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News and Views from SES Londono 2010

I took this photo during the keynote by Avinash Kaushik that’s him with his arm up in the air – one of the best keynotes I’ve ever heard from a speaker!

Search Engine Strategies London was a great show – outstanding keynotes, top quality speakers in all fields and a lot of information for participants to bring home and re-think their online strategies.

This year SES was a full week of activities considering the Social Media Marketing event on Monday and a day of training on Friday.

So what was SES London all about ?

I think SES London introduced new way of doing business online, a discontinuity with the past:

  1. Onsite and offsite efforts now converge as content flows from blogs to social media
  2. Search engine optimization is worthless without adequate conversions
  3. We need to do more insightful analyzing using less data
  4. Social media is a must, everybody should jump into the arena and experiment
  5. Blogs are mainstream and should be considered as such and not “sooo 2004”
  6. SEO and website architecture are still relevant and very important but only a piece of the puzzle

I’d like to thank Incisive Media for such a great show, It was a great pleasure to meet so many interesting and competent people!