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SMXL 2017

For the second time I have had the honour and responsibility to organize SMXL, the most important Web Marketing Conference Italy has to offer…

This year there we featured more international speakers

Being Chairman of the event my objective was to bring to Italy the most talented speakers with a fresh view on Digital Marketing. My main concern was to feature speakers willing to share their knowledge with participants: There is nothing worse that panelists  reluctant to share their experience! 

Show Them, Don’t Tell Them

This is a must. I asked speakers to show people how to do things, tell them where you went wrong and admit to mistakes: speakers with this approach are loved and followed by the public. We all know how difficult it is to create and execute a web marketing strategy, which is exactly why people attend web marketing conferences!

I was pleasantly surprised to see many enroll for the XL Workshop,. We had a full class of participants asking many questions and interacting with the workshop speakers:

  • Ken McGaffin (Link Building)
  • Martha van Berkel (structured Data)
  • Fernando Macià (Keyword Research)
  • Francesco Margherita (SEO Content)
  • Megane Bellod & Shahina Meru (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

The actual conference (14 and 15 November) featured inspiring speakers, offering a broad spectrum of opinions and strategies – a great 2 days with some of the most influential opinion leaders in the digital marketing arena and the opportunity to network with and meet interesting people coming from many countries, making SMXL an international event.

See you in Milan next Year – 14-15-16 November

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