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TBEX North America 2019 – Billings Montana

Sante lead one of the TBEX Workshops on SEO:

Structured Data & Semantic Modeling for Travel & Tourism Sites

2019 TTRA Europe Chapter Conference

Sante is a speaker at the forthcoming Travel and Tourism Research Association, 8-10 April 2019, Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality.

Tourism in the era of connectivity

The Travel and Tourism Research Association’s 2019 European Chapter Conference will be hosted by Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality in Bournemouth.

This is a three-day conference that will include a doctoral colloquium day and industry best practice thread. The theme of the conference is Tourism in the era of connectivity and will cover a broad range of themes to ensure that we are inclusive of the widest range of tourism research.

Sante’s paper and presentation:

Semantic Web Technologies for Travel & Tourism

2018 Events

Chairman at SMXL Milan, Nov. 2018

4th Italian Conference on ICT for Smart Cities And Communities

19-21 September, 2018 | L’Aquila, Italy

Title: From a Web of Documents to a Web of Things & Places

Abstract of Presentation

This is the presentation i gave at ICiTies 2018 in L’Aquila, September 19-21. The presentation addressed the use of Structured Data and the Semantic Web to leapfrog existing websites in the public domain “from a web of documents to a web of Things and Places”, using Structured Data and introducing disambiguation techniques which rely on Entity definition and implementation, with a specific focus on travel & tourism, offering real life examples and proposing a way forward on practical implementation.
Keywords:, structured data, web, Internet of Things, E-Tourism, iCities, 2018

International Search Summit, London - May 21 2018

International Search Summit, London – May 21 2018


Principles of structured data implementation for large multilingual websites

The importance and implementation of structured data across multilingual websites

Sante discussed how structured data has developed beyond rich snippets and how to create a model of your site with structured data. He will also discuss the challenges of multilingual implementation and share practical tips for implementing a structured data model.

Brighton SEO

Brighton SEO, April, 2018


Sante J Achille Speaker:

Sante Speaking at Samsung District – Milano (#MilanoDigitalWeek)


European Search Awards Judge 2018



SMXL 2017, Sante J. Achille è Chairman dell'evento
Chairman SMXL Milano, 2017 (SMXL.IT)

Pubblicazione scritta per conto del Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri

linee guida pubblicazione siti web pubblica amministrazione

Quaderno del Centro Studi del CNI

RIMC 2017

Milano Novembre 2016 – Co-Chairman of the SMXL
Search Marketing Expo, Milano Novembre 2016

Web Marketing Training Cagliari
Web Marketing Training, Cagliari 25 giugno 2016

Docenza Corso a Roma
Search Engine Strategies Lab, Roma - 20160608

La Professione dell’Ingegnere dell’Informazione
SPS Italia

Docenza Master Milano
Digital Marketing +

Docenza Master Firenze
Master Social media e digital marketing, Firenze (17-18 maggio 2015 – Firenze)

ADWorld Experience 2016
ADworld Experience, Bologna 14-15 Aprile 2016

SEO That Works, April, 2016
Sante J. Achille, Speaker at SEO That Works, Milan, April 22, 2016

European Search Awards Judge, 2016
Sante J. Achille, Judge at the European Search Awards, 2016

Search Awards Germany 2016
Search Awards Germany, 2016

RIMC 2016
Sante J. Achille, at RIMC 2016

SMX Milano 12,13 Novembre 2015
Search Marketing Expo, Milano 12,13 novembre 2015

Congresso Nazionale Ingegneri

Web Marketing Expo, Padova
Web Marketing Expo, Padova 25-26 settambre 2015
25,26 Settembre 2015

Presents at Click-It Summit 2015
Click-It Summit, 25-28 May, 2015

Speaker @SMX London 20-21 May, 2015
SMX London 2015, Sante J. Achille is a speaker on

Structured Data Markup

Speaker @RIMC 2015
Sante J. Achille, Speaker at RIMC 2015 on Semantic Search

Semantic Search Techniques

Judge @European Search Awards 2015
European Search Awards, 2015

Seminario Tecnico, L’Aquila 11/12/2014
Leonardo da Vinci - Logo dell'ordine degli ingegneri della provincia dell'Aquila
La Comunicazione Web per gli Ingegneri

SMX Milan 13-14 November 2014
Sono uno dei relatori all'SMX di Milano, 2014

Corso SEO Milano 25 Settembre 2014
I corsi di Formazione SPOT and WEB

Social Media Week 23 September 2014
Social Media Week, 22-26 September 2014, Rome Italy

Social Business Forum 1-2 Luglio 2014
Social Business Forum, Milano 1-2 luglio 2014

Scrivere per il Web, Milano 26 Giugno 2014
I corsi di Formazione SPOT and WEB

measure with Google (Dublin 18-19 June 2014)
measure with Google, European Event - Dublin 18-19 June, 2014

Il Marketing dei Motori di Ricerca, Milano 15 Maggio 2014
Corsi di Spot and Web: Il Marketing dei Motori di Ricerca

ADWorld Experience 2014
ADWorld Experience 2014

Moderatore Webinar Internazionale

SMX Milano 2013

Relatore a SMX Milano 2013