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#btoeng 2010: the year of the Guest – Buy Tourism Online, Florence Italy

Olivier Jager – Market Metrix


the last 10 years:

  • growth of travel
  • explosion of electronic distribution
  • 30% + yearly multiplication of distribution channels
  • Internet – enabler of direct distribution for hotels

The indsutry was focus on distribution ò- it helped to grow.

Now ?

  • the market is flat
  • price product and promotion in the spotlight
  • retention is key stratigic move for hotels
  • Immediate impact of social medias

Reviews significantly influence hotel selection (up to 87% of people interviewed say reviews influence their decision 79% restaurants)

To regain control and influence consumer feedback hoteliers need to

  • monitor
  • respond
  • improve

The changing market – Economic Impact


with SM the impact of guest satisfaction and dissatisfaction is multiplied and has a quicker economic impact

  • potential profit from SM referrals
  • potential profit from traditional referrals
  • potential profit from additional stays
  • potential profit from room one year

The real value of a customer

  • averae rate
  • non romm revenue
  • avg lenght of stay
  • favorable comments on SM and how long the way can generate positive buzz on your hotel
  • loyalty of a guest with no problems: 91%
  • loyalty of a guest with a problem 69%
  • loyalty of a guest if problem resolved 87%

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