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Atrapalo an innovative travel & receration portal from Spain


Atrapalo started based on the excess capacity of theaters and then extended reach to hotels and receration – a business started in 2000 today employs 150 with a turnover of € 165 Mln

ATRAPALO = grab it ! take advantage ! Don’t miss out !

A completely new way to market and promote travel and recreation (

You pay after the trip according to your satisfaction

Created tremendous buzz – along with the “free” there were great opportunities for the non free services. The campaign lasted 2 weeks and generated 1.5 million users generated by viral and offline promotion (free newspapers).

The study of the results is still under way. A video showed how people behaved after the vacation – some paid € 5,00 per a cruise on the nile, others € 20,00 for a 5 day vacation in a 4 star hotel in Barcelona. Many confessed they would not have had a holiday had it not been for the opportunity provided by Atrapalo. Some had no problems taking advantage of the deal, others declared they could not do it a second time without paying (there still are a lot of honest people – at least in Spain where this experiment took place)

The most honest traveller paid 70% of the actual retail value and Atrapalo decided to give this person their dream holiday: a trip to Japan – it always pays to be honest !

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