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#btoeng – Social Network and Tourism: New form of communication or another bubble ?


Just how good is Social Media for hotels on their overall online visibility strategy ?

It works. Videos and photos work – there is a tendency to leapfrog many steps like having a useable website, investing in website optimization, search advertising, and then work with social media.

Hotels are typically frightened by the amount of work that web web generates: yesterday hotels were called to update their website, today they must monitor Social Media. There is a considerable amount of high level work that a hotel is called to perform and most of it cannot be delegated to the brand (if the hotel is part of a chain of hotels). Today this is a major problem for hotels and another issue perceived as a problem is the amount of SPAM – it happens also in the social media sphere.

Brands have a pro-active approach: marketing to increase awareness, a single hotel is more likely to be successful investing in basic web marketing focus on great services and see the return on the social media (more of a passive approach)

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