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Enrico Bertoldo – AMADEUS

What is the situation of intermediation in Italy ? Still a lot of agencies working as an interface between operators and the end users.

  • intermediation helps manage our time (not enough time to always do it by yourself)
  • tourists seek an experience not a place (become a commodity)
  • travelers seek personalization

Today we deal with the “Visit-Attore”

  • PEOPLE ENJOY SHARING THEIR EXPERIENCE (facebook, twitter flicke tripit tripadvisor tripshake cityzeum …)


We are part of the C generation – we want to know everything about my holiday before I leave and the web helps us and allows us to do this

“I’m the master of my universe”

I can decide what I can do on my holiday – I wish to be in control of every aspect of my vacation – must be a very gratifying experience:

Online will grow 22% in 2010

How is tourism evolving ? Might be simpler than we think: Look at the data and understand what the tourist really wants …

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