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How to monitor your hotel through the Social Media

Laura Valerio – Expedia


Hotels should learn from the information travelers leave behind – how can I use this info (photos videos) – how can this be used to increase my sales ?

Morris SIMBand Karma

top 20 websites in the world – 8 of them are powered by UGC – things have changed considerably in the last 3 years , none of the SM sites were there (twitter was a stranger last year)

Facebook – use it as a CRM tool


Sm does matter to travel in Italy – 4th most popluar travel destination – FB and YouTube are very popular and will be used to organize travel – Sm and Social Network does have an impact.

What makes Social Media Social ?

look at some of the top social media stories

  • has to do with a cause and a hope, empowering of a generation
  • real time news
  • Susan Boyle, Michael Jackson has to do with the personality, empathy relate to the experience they are going through
  • Help or hello world
  • is it noteworthy ?
  • does it move me ?
  • I act !

empathy: the human emotion, the understanding and affinity of another’s situation feelings and motives – the attribution of one’s own feelings to an object.

Social Media is now the current media to transmit empathy.


Brand must reward my loyalty – Brand must personalize for me (30-40)

New media brand architecture – Empathy, do they put themselves in the shoes of the customer – bathrooms work – it’s about the design and the experience it provides to the guests.

no longer you don’t control your brand – users are your partners !

  • empathy
  • design
  • story

As people perceive your brand they are also influencing your brand.

Trends for 2010


78% trust peers – your brand story is fragmented online on many sites

I want holistic experience – no longer is it ok to get the guest into the room, people want more services and a better experience


Free internet access is becoming a strong demand – you don’t charge for electricity in a hotel room – why should you charge for internet access ??

Social media is going to demand a policy for staff and employees

FB will have 0.5 billion users – what are your employees talking about on FB ?

A new distribution star will be born – convergence of SM and Search


Which are the 3 main suggestions to approach SM ?

  • listen & monitor what is going on before you do anything – google yourself and see where you are and see how many results point to SM sites, search YouTube FB and the rest …
  • measure it: measure what people are saying about you so you can detect patterns and trends
  • engage: not by putting ads but extend your CRm how you would interact with customers. you’re looking for fans of your brand not friends – people who want to be part of what you have to offer. Don’t put up you own message (sooo 2001)

there is a link between reputation in SM and my revenue ? YES there is hotels with a focus on being top on SM sites with their review – every position increase is an increase in revenue.

Hotels oing to Fb and Twitter:

FB. create fans not friends – a page with info that’s cool i need to differentiate myself from competitors – looking for fans, not friends – fans are people I don’t have to share any info with build a relationship passing the power over to the fan. A fan will tell other friends about it – credibility is with the fan, the trust relationship is with the fan who does the endorsing – what you offer uniquely to differentiate.

TWITTER: it’s harder – real time info – what is the VALUE of your real time information ? A different relationship the information exchanged must be valuable – if you cannot invest in information creation do not get involved in twitter !

What a about negative reviews ? It give you credibility – dealing with negative reviews: how to manage an angry guest in you lobby ? do not shy away from negative reviews – must be dealt with online and/or offline.

Guest satisfaction surveys – how are they different from all this ? Problem with guest survey is that you get answers only to the questions you ask ! in SM they talk about things that matter most to them in their words – SM is a focus group. For the most part surveys are private – SM is out in the media and everyone can see it.

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  1. hi,
    it is really a wonderful blog. Make fans for hotel not friends is wonderful thought. Overall nice blog.
    Thanks for the information.

  2. Sante,

    Customer service numbers have been increasing for the past few months even as hotels have been reducing staff. If you’re interested, I posted an analysis here:

    I’ve started to follow how hotels have been using social media and other technological trends in the industry, as well as outsourcing and affiliation. As social media makes information exchange faster, hotel GMs are becoming more savvy to their customers’ needs.

  3. Mellisa

    Good Post! Social media has brought further implications for online marketing campaigns, and monitoring your hotel reputation is very important with social media sites, websites and blogs.

    Offering Cottages in Scotland