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How search engines are evolving to cater the demand of increasingly sophisticated users?


Kristine Marshall – BING TRAVEL
Roberto Brenner – GOOGLE
Lorenzo Montagna – YAHOO!

Mauro Lupi – AD MAIORA

2009 travel sales online have surpassed traditional distribution channels. According to recent data presented earlier today the UK is set to hit this milestone by 2012 – italy lags behind with a 21% of transactions occurring online.

We know the needs but not the people. 2/3 of people search with 3 or more words. For the engines the challenge is to provide an accurate answer to a precise question. Algorithms are now changing (shifting at very high frequency (even once per week) to keep up with the ever changing needs of the users.

In search the need for a service for an enriched search experience – must be rich in content – users don’t like complexity – technology must transparent to the end user.

open search
search engines are similar but not in direct competition – they do similar things.

Search is personalized – search pad from YAHOO! Search is something personal (bye bye SERPs …)

Data presented is based on US market. 60% or more relied on search engines as a key entry point of the purchase process. Generic keywords are covering 63% or search related to travel in the US. Looking at doing this for specific markets. Rolling out interactive search forms to assist in the search.

Where is the search technology heading ?

understand query intent: via a generic query like hotel if I’m in florence Google will understand where I am (in Florence), geo-position me and serve selected hotels near my actual location

Relevance is central . Search is sophisticated to provide a simple and intuitive way to interact with the search engine. The semantic web could be the future of search. Mobile is important and has a different search technology. – a completely different set of results

richer more organized experience. Bing has a navigational bar – a focus on categorizing results. browsing on a visual level.

Fro a hotelier poin of view, there are millions of photos and videos an uncontrollable amount of information making it impossible for them to manage this presence.

understand your objectives – info-commerce or e-commerce – how do I make me site visible ? google insight for search helps understand typical search behaviors.

BING – hotels and hotel chains make sure you work with a long tail of keywords on your website – a keyword list that includes land marks. Social Media is important: need to know what’s going on with your company.

Indexing of social media content

BING – (you’ll be re-directed to the US website)


Google: Absolutely not – there is a need today and this need can only grow in the future to support, design and manage an online presence.

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