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Jim Sterne at Search Engine Strategies London, 2010


The keynotes have all but simply fantastic at SES London this year ! Jim Sterne was no exception his morning with a clear and entertaining presentation on how we are going back to our roots to the days when “chickens were traded for sheep”.

Jim’s 1 hour presentation cover so many topics it would be impossible to talk about all of them. I think the most important statement that we all took away was:

We have too much data but not enough insight

We have an industry cranking out more and more tools to collect data but not enough resourcse allocated to transforming data into competitive business intelligence – thats’ where the real challenge lies ahead of us all.

This is a recurrent theme mentioned throughout the conference and I think it is safe to say that another takeaway from SES London this year is to focus on existing traffic rather than seeking new prospects.

Now off to the next session on advance paid search techniques.

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  1. True, tons of data and information and little time to even begin to process it, since it’s pouring at us so quickly. I’d be interested in hearing more about this session, if you have time to blog in more detail.

  2. Its nice to read, i´m interested to read more, so i saved your blog and come back next time.