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Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference 2011

Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference 2011

RIMC is more than just an Internet Marketing Conference, it’s a happening. The line up of speakers was world class, and I was honored to be called upon to voice my opinions and share my (little) knowledge.

I had been to Reykjavik in 2006 and spoke then too but left early to bring my son Thomas to see a football match (or would you say soccer) in Milan – this time I took Thomas with me to the conference and we both enjoyed our stay – more about that at the end of this post with a few Photos.

But now some serious stuff on the unfolding web marketing scenarios for the following months.

The Sessions I followed indicated there are 2 new factors we need to deal with:

  1. Social Media
  2. The Mobile Web

Social Media isn’t only Facebook (FB) but FB certainly has gained global traction standing with an “audience” of 600 million worldwide. As David Szetela pointed out during an informal conversation each and every platform will produce results if put to work in an optimal manner.

Rick Kelly gave a detailed and very clear presentation on FB and the “status quo”:

  • The other day (the 90s) it was one way communication
  • Yesterday (early 2000s) it was about interacting and conversations
  • Today it’s about feedback and engagement

What is totally new in this scenario is the concept of earned media: you can pay for media with a search advertising strategy, you can own media via a dedicated SEO campaign and content creation strategy and now there is a new concept of earned media where your audience (or Clients) trust you and manifest this trust openly to the world – you need to earn this trust.

The Mobile Web is growing with smart phone penetration now at 25% up from 17% last year. We are now in a new phase where mobile access to the internet has actually superseded access from traditional computers, and this will change the game: people will not only seek for the closest restaurant (already said and done a few years back by a Clique of individuals), but now will be actively used to identify the closest store where electronics are on sale and cost less (comparison shopping) also due to rapidly increasing costs of fuels.

From a Web of Browsing to one of Discovery

In the 90s it was about browsing the websites available to us, then in 1998 Google changed the game with a new and powerful search engine: today we discover information as we interact with Social Media platforms, keep informed and up to date with RSS – the information is finding us, we no longer need to seek it.

Planning a meaningful Web Presence in 2011

Once the fundamentals are in place (basic SEO) it’s safe to say that any storefront business should have a mobile web presence and experiment with the Social Media Platforms to attract the right customers to their door front.

I had an interesting discussion with David Main over dinner where we talked about the impact of local search and how it can literally change the course of events even for a very small and very local business.

Behind the scenes at RIMC 2011

Here are some Photos of RIMC 2011 – I’ll be pushing out other ones on Flickr – will post the link here.

A stop on our tour of Iceland

We were so lucky (or should I say the organization was fantastic) with the weather – such a beautiful day to see some of the sights Iceland has to offer…

Icelandic Landscape on a clod and clear day, not acloud in the sky

So clear and VERY cold – we were at about -10°C but the perceived temperature was much less due to the chill factor (the wind was blowing all day long)

Ice ice and more Ice along our journey ...

Ice and snow everywhere around us …

Ice and Snow in Iceland at the RIMC 2011 tour

This was our first stop in the area where the first Icelandic Parliament was established …

A waterfall in Iceland

A small (semi-frozen) waterfall of Iceland

bi waterfall in Iceland

Fresh waters & water fall – it was just so cold here I couldn’t fell my face any longer and had to head towards the bus

Thomas Achille in Iceland

Thomas (that’s our boy) – he was with me this and had great fun – many admired and complimented his Duff Beer hat 🙂

More Icelandic Landscape

this is a shot from above where the water runs (when it’s not frozen)

Funny ice formations on the ropes created by the strong winds

Look at these ice formations on the ropes – I had never seen such a thing before … and it was on all ropes !

Geysers in Iceland

Geyser Fields – Iceland is rich in geothermal energy

Another photo of the Geyser fields we visited during the RIMC 2011

There are so many photos to be seen as Other speakers will post link to their Preferred Social Media Platforms I’ll put the links up here – I know for Sure my friend Oli will have sooo much to share!!

Thank you for such a great time and an unforgettable experience – you are true people.