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Starting the new year on the right foot …


It’s been a while since I’ve last posted – 2008 was “intense” to the last minute and when things finally slowed down, I sat back and relaxed – no blogging.

On December 23rd couriers were not delivering parcels and I had one waiting for me to be picked up. There were still many things to be done like buying gifts so with Thomas (our younger son) we decided to beat the rush, and we were ready to go at 8ish in the morning – first stop TNT Traco the courier to pick up the parcel.

While waiting, I read the posters on the walls – there’s always a lot to read: info on special deliveries worldwide, and there was also a print – one of those prints I recall from my days in Industry, someone would always pull something out of their hat after a mission to another company or corporate branch.

This one was very interesting about the different energies we can deploy and must face:

Productive Energy

  • Foresee
  • Immagine

Positive Energy

  • Correct
  • Analyze
  • Remedy
  • Assume

Negative Energy

  • Justify
  • Accuse
  • Negate
  • Ignore

I wish you a 2009 full of Productive and Positive Energy, may you have all the strength it will take to mange and avoid negative energy.