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BTO Day 1: Monica Fabris How Italian Society has Changed: From Marketing to Societing


Monica Fabris Opened BTO this morning with insights on the significant change the Italian Society has recently undergone. Two words best describe Italians today:

  • Open
  • Mobile

Traditional values decline and are replaced by new and uncertain forms of social cooperation and co-existance.

Values converge and integrate within a grid of new needs and expectations: Consumerism is replaced by weary and responsible purchasing, shopping becomes “professional shopping” thanks to the wealth of information the web as to offer.

People Enjoy being Individuals yet devote time and effort to associations

I think it would be appropriate to say that change has become a way of life and Italians are embracing this paradigma shift.

Swift and merciless change have shattered milestones of several generations (including mine). Once you were king of the hill with a job at a bank, today there is a growing need of economic independence: Italians would like to be self employed (at least in theory) and they dream of a job involving a lot of travel declaring they would accept a pay cut for a job involving travels.

People used to get lost on the Web, now they find themselves on Social Media Networks

This was a very interesting point probably true across many (if not all) cultures in the world.

Travel & Tourism are profoundly affected by these changes as people plan an experience not a vacation.

Needs and expectations shift as the map of social and cultural values for each individual is changing constantly – marketing becomes societing.