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Mobile Access and Implications on Travel & Tourism


Mobile will soon be the predominant way to access the web – yet hotels offering optimized layout (and content) are few and far apart.

In 2013 mobile access will surpass desktop access to the Internet

Key demands from mobile access:

  • instant gratification – I’m seeking a hotel in the vicinity of where I stand NOW
  • simplicity – it has to be simple to use and read to understand – otherwise I’ll move on
  • in context

Relevance is extremely important – users are focused on what they are doing with their mobile: the screen is very limited so there are no distractions: you have all their attention but for a very short time span – if you do not deliver they’ll move on quickly …

2 Replies

  1. The speed and reliability is the key in accessing the internet through mobile. Mobile Web access today still suffers from interoperability and usability problems. Interoperability issues stem from the platform fragmentation of mobile devices, mobile operating systems, and browsers. Usability problems are centered around the small physical size of the mobile phone form factors

  2. royce88

    I used to work as a central reservations agent hotels and there is no doubt that customers use their mobile phones a lot to achieve what they want right at the very moment. The first bullet on the key demands is very true and I can attest to that. Customers would call and try to make booking at the last minute and they want all the things that they want to be available. Mobile phones can be a great way to increase sales for travel and tourism.