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Travel Website Startups at BTO 2010



You can read up and prepare your travels, but nothing will beat having someone there to show you places that are nowhere to be found on maps or social networks: wouldn’t it be great to have someone there to show you around? dose just that. Choose a city and find your angel to live the city like a local.


It’s all out there on the web for you to plan and book a trip. Recent statistics show how each booking can take up to 3 hours – and time is our most precious resource and travel agents are the professionals of travel. helps plan a holiday with the help of a travel agent: ask a question, get the answer and the opportunity to have a professional help plan “the perfect holiday”

4 Replies

  1. Thanks for news. Seems it’s very helpful service.

  2. Joseph Gray

    I wish the new site ‘All the Best’

  3. royce88

    I love the look of those travel sites. They don’t seem to bore one off and decide not to book anything. It gives a whole new meaning to travel. After all what we experience is the ones that retains in our mind. I hope all the reviews that would come form those 2 sites would be fair for everyone.

  4. Mary Blake

    This is a fantastic idea. There’s so much info out there about booking travel – this makes it easy. Thanks.